Medical Thermodiagnostics

Thermodiagnostics has been used in healthcare and medicine for many years. Measuring body temperature with touch or non-contact thermometers is one of the basic methods of assessing health. The use of thermography in this field brings new possibilities because IR cameras show the temperature distribution of the measured person.

Experts in thermodiagnostics from the NTC research centre of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, motivated by the urgent situation associated with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, have teamed up with health professionals from the Faculty of Health Studies to comprehensively address current challenges. These include, for example, the reliable identification of people with a fever at the entrances to schools, offices and companies, the use of thermal imagers by integrated rescue systems to predict and monitor the epidemic, and the use of IR cameras in hospitals for diagnosis and patient care.

We do not keep the interesting results of the research to ourselves. They are intended for all those interested in their use. The Techmania Science Center in Pilsen is, therefore, a partner in research and educational cooperation, where children and adults can playfully get acquainted with thermal imagers and their practical use.

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