Current projects

BETERKA – Security research for efficient use of thermal cameras in
in case of epidemic threats and crisis situations (project code: VI04000029)


Program: VI – Security Research Program of the Czech Republic in the years 2015 to 2022

 Security Research Program of the Czech Republic in the years 2015 to 2022 – 4th public tender

Solution period: 01/2021 – 12/2022

The project focuses on research into thermodiagnostic methodsusing IR cameras as tools for contactless and rapid identification of people with fever and at the same time tools for effective security of the state and its citizens and crisis management and epidemic threats. In the research part, researchers will look for solutions to more reliably identify people with elevated body temperature, i.e. potentially infected, and will focus on statistical data collection that could help monitor epidemics of febrile conditions. A secondary research goal of the project is other possibilities of using IR cameras for more efficient and effective provision of IRS tasks not only during the time of the epidemic. In addition to its own research, the project also includes extensive activities of education and popularization.

Completed projects

BETECH – Safety with thermal imaging technology

Provider: University of West Bohemia, New Technologies – Research Centre, UWB

Solution period: 03/2020 – 12/2020

The research team from NTC, with extensive experience in the field of thermodiagnostics, teamed up with experts from the Faculty of Medical Studies, who sponsored the medical part of the project, mainly concerning contact measurement of human temperatures, proper work with protective equipment, etc. The result was laboratory verification of new ways to use IR cameras to more accurately measure people’s temperatures and how to use them to monitor the epidemic. The project also started longer-term and conceptual cooperation in the field of R&D between the UWB and the Techmánia Science center in the field of medical thermodiagnostics, and thanks to it, targeted funding from national funds of the Czech Republic was successfully applied (subsequent BETERKA project). Technical solutions with IR cameras were prepared for the use of stakeholders for research, education, promotion, and ensuring the safety of TSC visitors. A Quick Course of Medical Thermodiagnostics for Beginners was established, accredited by the Council of Lifelong and Distance Education of the UWB. The dissemination of information on thermodiagnostics through the press, radio and social media was also a significant benefit.